January 15, 2019

Good Chat Podcast

Stephanie Hunt: Mum, I'm going to Syria

Season 2

Episode 12

Stephanie Hunt: Mum, I’m going to Syria

  • Duration: 30 minutes

  • Released: 15 January, 2019

Imagine if you told your mum and dad you were going to Syria for a holiday. That’s what country girl Stephanie Hunt did.

Her passion for travel has led her to some of the most remote places on Earth.

Steph is a journalist and TV producer who's obsessed with storytelling. She’s worked for the BBC, Al Jazeera and the Seven Network.

Steph has photographed people who’ve never seen cameras and sold stunning images and wares, shining a spotlight on some of the most interesting cultures in the world.

But since becoming a mum, Steph has had to find new ways to satisfy her thirst for discovery.

How do you tap into your adventurous spirit? Get ready to go off the beaten track. Let’s have a good chat with Stephanie Hunt, a woman to inspire my daughter.

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