Media Training with Stephanie Hunt

preparing you for every media scenario

In her 20 year career as a journalist/producer, Stephanie has been at the top of the media game. She’s worked as a supervising producer at Seven Network Sydney, program editor at Al Jazeera English Doha, and broadcast journalist for BBC World News London, HARDtalk and Sky News London.

Stephanie has been in the thick of breaking news stories including terror attacks, natural disasters, the inauguration of Barack Obama and the European refugee crisis. She’s called the shots and directed teams of journalists, producers and presenters on news angles, lines of questioning and studio guest choices.

Winter Olympics coverage for Seven Network Australia

Winter Olympics coverage for Seven Network Australia

What We Cover

Stephanie knows first hand how the news cycle works and the best way to get your message across. Choose a half day, full day or ongoing session and she will walk you step-by-step through everything from presenting and delivery to handling nerves and tough questions. She’ll then coach you through LIVE TV scenarios with industry lights, cameras and microphones.

Your session will cover the following:

  1. The News Cycle


  • How does a newsroom run? How does the 24/7 news cycle work? Who calls the shots? Understanding the lingo. The role of social media.


  • How do you make your key messages cut through? What do journalists want? What do journalists not want? Presentation and delivery. The dos and don’ts of nailing your interview.