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"I've known Steph for nearly 15 years and worked with her closely over much of that time, in particular on Weekend Sunrise. I say with hand on heart, there isn't a more compassionate producer/journalist in the Australian media. As the tone of broadcast reporting becomes sharper and more shrill, especially around complex human rights issues, there is a pressing need for experienced, calm voices. To carry and protect the integrity of a story from an individual or a group, takes understanding and skill. Steph wears this as a badge of honour. Any organisation would be well advised to utilise her expertise. Your message and ideas need to be in the most capable hands to help you achieve your goals. Steph will help you craft and deliver that message with sincerity and class."

simon reeve /  broadcaster, journalist, seven network


‘‘When Steph Hunt joined Al Jazeera she brought a new energy to the newsroom. She is a proactive, thoughtful and creative broadcaster who always tried to make sure our viewers were getting the best possible product from the channel. Getting the ideas and stories right was always top of her list. And telling the stories in a compelling way is what makes her stand out in her profession.’’



“From influencer marketing in the Middle East during the world’s first Instagram Relay to visual storytelling at one of my feasts here in the Highlands, Steph and Ben are masters. They intuitively understand the best way to communicate the emotion, to find the story, to pull back the veil and see inside and to ultimately define the moment in an image, a clip or a slideshow. Years of experience in media across TV, Print and Digital shows in all their projects and they are a gift, if they agree to work with you.”

Amanda Fry / Nature Tourism Specialist, Experience Nature Group